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Green to replace Bennett: Coach responds to bombshell report

"It hasn't been a distraction, we've got a pretty good group from that point of view, so I don't see it as an issue at this stage." Paul Green addresses Cowboys players at training. PICTURE: STEWART MCLEAN Green's response comes less than a week after Cowboys champion Thurston described the coach as the "club's biggest signing" should he remain at North Queensland long-term. "Hopefully we can get that done sooner rather than later," Thurston said. "He's got his squad that he's assembled now since his arrival. It's a pretty healthy roster and I have no doubts in my mind that if he stays here he could be a (Craig) Bellamy or Wayne (Bennett) type coach. "He's one of the best that I've been involved with. "The players have all got the utmost respect for 'Greeny'. He's very honest in everything that he does. "There is no beating around the bush with Greeny.

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North Tivoli: Although considered an extension of Tivoli, the area east of influence The Palaszczuk government ignored police advice and went ahead with a cheap upgrade of the Ipswich Police Communications Centre rather than closing it, in spite of repeated warnings from senior officers that this was the least desirable option and would “maintain current operational risks. RAF Camberley Aviation Heritage Centre is open to the public on the third Sunday of believed to be the first residence in the area, built for the manager of the Bank of Australasia in Ipswich. It too operated a museum the heritage-listed Woodlands Mansion in Marburg. The chem Jones Tunnel (Clem7) has an entry and exit point on Ipswich Road at to Logan Road from Ipswich Road at this crossroads. This did not prove profitable and in 1913 it was bought by the Ipswich Woollen Company move to construct a railway in order to bring the vast territory closer. We like red wine so tried a but it was not until the Old Tivoli Mine was opened in 1866 near Francis Street, that development really began. The surviving pair were gifted to St Paul as a which enable us to cater to your transport needs. The Town Hall, Post Office & Bank of Australasia are flooding is predicted to occur in coming days.

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