Dozens waiting to watch an auction in Upper Mount Gravatt. “We see a lot of buyers trading up into these areas.” “They’re low-rise typically, with high value infrastructure.” Some of the 39 bidders lining up to register for bidding at 19 Hillgrove Street, Upper Mount Gravatt, earlier in March. Photo: Jim Malo Ray White Mount Gravatt principal Grant Boman said Mount Gravatt had entered a period of high demand in recent months. “It seems to be that people are waking up to the fact that it is a really convenient area and the prices are still within reach and reason,” he said. Mr Boman said a tightening hold on land in inner city Brisbane meant even developers were turning their sights to the fringes. “Clearly the next step out is Mount Gravatt, we’re seeing a rise in land values thanks to what developers are willing to pay for the land.” “There’s enough buyer traffic and buyer interest there, we could realistically [sell a house] in one phone call.” The average time for a house on the market in Sandgate was 29 days in February. Photo: Must Do Brisbane Place Advisory director Lachlan Walker used a 12-month average, which placed Chermside West at number one with an average of 34 days on the market. Mr Walker said similar factors pushed Chermside West to the top of his list. “It’s an affordability and availability thing,” he said. “Some people are willing to make some sacrifices to get into the market, like moving further out.” The biggest surprise was that Brisbane’s blue-chip suburbs didn’t make the list, Mr Walker said. “Your Ascots, your Bulimbas, your Hamilton’s, New Farms, our premium suburbs.” Dozens waiting to watch an auction in Upper Mount Gravatt.

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